Yes this is the name of my new blog! And yes I can name it what I want. I love this title, my youngest son Jordan actually gave it to me. You may now ask “what am I gonna blog about,” well anything I want since this is  my blog! HA!

If you have taken a look around this page you may find it kind of interesting, I had to create this for an online class I was taking. I just decided to use it more now. I have always wanted to write, but when I grew up, I got married to the man of my dreams and had 5 wonderful and often exciting children to care for , that put all this on the back burner. Now I only have 2 left at home and they are quite capable to take of themselves(most of the time). I decided NOW IS THE TIME! I want to talk about my journey to health and weight loss, my struggles with anxiety, my faith, family and friends. wherever I may go! I  hope you will enjoy this journey with me! And hey thanks for stopping by!


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