Who defines you!?

One of the news stories that really was overshadowed last week, was a story about a certain toy company that took Lady Gaga to court. Apparently they wanted to make a doll after her and she pulled out of the deal.So this company sued her, she won. The Court said that since Lady Gaga didn’t approve the prototype she wasn’t in breach of their contract.
Now that’s all fine and dandy, which I must say Good for you Lady Gaga for pulling out;why you may ask? Well I will begin to enlighten you. Why do we need or want a”barbie doll” that looks like Lady Gaga? can you imagine her clothes? Raw meet dresses? That wouldn’t last to long. Or else it arrives in an egg? WOW, that is not the kind of doll I want my granddaughters to play with.
Now you may say”Dee it’s just a doll.” True that my friend, but I remember wanting to be just like my dolls, when I was little. Please don’t get me wrong I am not one of those people who say “Ban the Dolls, they are corrupting the world!”Barbie dolls are fictional characters like Betty and Veronica, remember them? But Lady Gaga is a real person, and the type of things she does professionally is not someone I want my girls to emulate. I would never have gotten an Alice Cooper doll or Ozzy Ozborne either.
So many of our girls seem to have such bad images of themselves. They want to be someone else. We need them to see who really defines who they are. Who they are in Christ! Christ made them all beautiful and wonderfully made. Psm 139:13-14 For you formed my inward parts; you covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made, marvelous are your works, and that my soul knows very well.
Go on to read all of this scripture and see the beauty that we are to God, to recognize their and our self worth to Him. Jesus came to live, die and rose again for each one of us!
I use to define myself in what others saw me as, even what I would see in the mirror. I wanted to be gorgeous and sexy, like what I would see on TV or in the movies. I finally looked at myself in the mirror and said to the person staring back at me’ you don’t define me!’ I look now to the one who loved me above all others, He defines me! I am a daughter of a righteous King! Yes I said it I am a D.O.R.K!!! I am proud to say that. I no longer worry about what others say about me, really I don’t care, life is to short. I care what my Savior says about me. I want to show others Him in me. I am accepted by the one who matters most!
Now back to Lady Gaga, she has every right to earn her paycheck ( although lately it would seem many people are wanting to tell others how to run their business.) any way she chooses. I don’t know her personally, she may be a wonderful person. But what she portrays I wouldn’t want my girls to help glorify that. So let’s just allow our girls to be little a little longer, and keep the unreal dolls to play with. Does anyone remember Mrs. Beasley?!


One thought on “Who defines you!?

  1. I remember having a brooke shields barbie doll when i was little, really loved it back then…until later years when i found out the magazine she posed for 😦 now i have no respect for her…at least for that decision anyway

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