Does a Handshake still mean anything ?

I wish to steal this line from Joan Rivers, “Can We Talk!?”

That being said I wish to express one of my pet peeves; if you say you’re going to do something DO IT! It simply drives me up the wall when people make promises, or commitments or even a handshake then they go back on their word. I raised my kids with the belief that your word is your bond. What I was meaning is what you say is what you do! It didn’t matter if something else came up; if you gave your word on something you were going to follow through with it. My kids all played sports, we loved going to the games and cheering our kids on. One of my boys was playing baseball and the pitch came in really low and yep you guessed it, hit him where no boy ever wants to be hit! Yes it hurt and yes it scared him and yes he wanted to quit and never go back to the ball park again! But he made a commitment to his team, so we wouldn’t let him quit. He never liked to play again, but he did get back in that batter’s box. He needed to learn (although painful) that when it is at all possible you keep with your commitments.
It seems as if now days, this concept means nothing. Do you ever watch the court shows? Ah c’mon be honest they don’t get those rating because no one watches them! I love Judge Judy, and Judge Millian. What I have learned besides don’t make them mad at you, is that the judges always ask “Do you have that in writing?” and of course they don’t, they would say we made a verbal agreement. So the judge next would ask the other party “Did you have a verbal agreement?” and what do you think the answer is? NO!
I love old movies, movies from before I was born (I am not that old, no matter what you may have heard!) This is when we had great quality actors, but that’s another blog. He he! The characters in these movies would give you their word or a handshake and it was binding! Remember John Wayne! Now I know again you say “Dee that was the movies, it’s not relevant for us.” Well I say nay nay! Movies at times will reflect our current culture. Look at the movies today what they reflect, good or bad. Ask an older American and they will tell you that is how they still believe and act.
I believe (barring some unforeseen problem) if you give your word on something you should make every effort to fulfill it. If you say you’re going to buy a car from someone and shake hands on it then BUY IT! If something changed talk to that person don’t blow it off. Be responsible, sometimes you have to go to work sick, because others are counting on you.
Can we imagine where we would be if Jesus had changed His mind about the Cross? God never goes back on His word, never breaks a promise. His word is complete! This is who we are to model our behaviors after. Prov.8:8
But let your yes, be yes or your no, no; anything beyond this is evil. Matt.5:37
So next time before you say you will or commit to anything or even shake on it, make sure that it is truly what you want to do. Make your word mean something.


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