Toe Steppin

Have you ever been sitting in church, minding your own business and then the preacher decides to get all up and in your face? After all I go to church to listen to a good sermon and go home and be happy and content in my little world! Well apparently God decides that’s not what He wanted.  Yes I do blame the preacher he is the one talking! Ok so answer me this, “why do I need to love going to work?” Yes that’s what the preacher had to talk about’ why do I hate my job?’ Do I really need to answer that? Does anyone truly love their job? Be honest! Isn’t their days that you would just like to  wake up wealthy and never have to punch a time clock again? Well if you’re not going to say it I will!!! This is not what I want to do, this is the way to pay the bills!  Ok so back to the”message; he says(THE PREACHER) that we need to remember that God has given us this job, and that we need to be in the right attitude about going to work. We are His servant  even in our secular jobs! I’ll tell you honestly that preacher made me mad! What is even worst is that preacher is my honey bunny! Yes I’m the married to the preacher, a “preacher’s wife” and I certainly didn’t like hearing this message. I struggle with remembering that when things are hard, when I have to leave my family and get blamed for things either I didn’t do right, or wasn’t even my fault, and not to mention not getting  recognition for a job well done. Is that so bad? Yes I know it is. I realized when he was talking that this job is a gift from God, and I have been able to minister in it. The Lord has given me real opportunities to show Him, the source of my life! And that is truly my job. The rewards that God allows me to have far outweigh the negatives. Yes you have now seen it a preacher’s wife’s toes do get stepped on, even by her husband;when that husband is following the Lord! I want to leave you with this scripture : So we must not get tired of doing good,for we will reap at the proper time if we don’t give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, we must work for the good of all, especially for those who belong to the household of faith. Gal.6:9&10


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