Let Him Wrap His Big God Arms Around Us!

Let Him Wrap His Big God Arms Around Us!
When I was a little girl, my daddy was my everything, my hero, my knight in shining armor! He would slay the many dragons that would come my way. I remember one night, my daddy was very ill, he was running a high fever and had been in bed most of the night. I had woke up screaming from a nightmare and I wouldn’t go back to sleep, because I was convinced that there was monsters under my bed and that they were going to grab me. So my daddy came into my room wrapped in a quilt and tried to tell me there was nothing there. I wasn’t buying it! I knew without a shadow of a doubt the moment that light would go off, that they would grab me and drag me to hell!! So instead of my dad getting mad and just saying go back to sleep, (remember he was very ill,) he got down on his knees and looked under the bed and showed me there were no monsters. He then went to the closet and looked in there and showed me that they were not there either. He then told me he would never let anything hurt me.
My daddy was a big man, but a man that I could crawl up into his lap and he would wrap his arms around me and tell me he loved me. There was safety in my daddy’s arms; no monsters could ever get me there. My daddy was there to protect me. He had all this love in his arms, all my fears were gone .His hands showed love and discipline. I never doubted his love and his care for me.
That is how our heavenly Father is. His arms are full of strength; there is safety there. Fear cannot win out in the arms of our Daddy. Yes there is discipline at times, what father would not discipline the child he loves? All He wants is to wrap His big God arms around us!
But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen and protect you from the evil one. 2nd Thess. 3:3
His love is unconditional. His love is pure. His love is truth.
But you, oh Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abundant in loving kindness and truth. Psalm 86.15
We get sidetracked with living for ourselves, our jobs, our schools, our obligations. We can lose sight of who’s we are when trials invade our lives. Stress overwhelms us; we belong to the King of Kings, Lord over all! We must stay in the protection of our Father, the one whose arms can hold all our cares, our fears, our stresses. The one whose arms are strong enough to win any battle for us, but yet gentle enough to hold us.
This is when we need to stop and let Him wrap his big God arms around us! The question is will you let Him? Let Him be your Father, you’re Daddy? The one who has your life in His hands. The one who wants to take all your burdens from you. The one who gave His son for your life? This is my Daddy is He yours?


One thought on “Let Him Wrap His Big God Arms Around Us!

  1. I absolutely love this!! As you know, my childhood wasn’t with good and loving parents although I did spend time with people who loved me. But to know that my real father in heaven is the one true love of our lives just sends chills down my spine because it amazes me so much!! I appreciate your posts debbie, love you very much 🙂


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