Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!
So today is New Year’s Day, and how many of you have made resolutions? I know I have! I start off the same every year, they’re not bad, like eat healthy, get more exercise, lose weight, stuff like that. But I think the most important is to make that time with my Savior daily! I have put Him on the back burner at times! That is so wrong! The one who gave me life, I can’t even spend time with daily? Well forgiveness is there and I will gladly take it, but I crave that alone time with my Messiah! I have purposed that this year I was going to do more for me! Put me first; in saying that I will not put me above Him. If I put Him first then I can attend to the things that I want to accomplish. I will be better this year, I will get closer to the person He has designed me to be.
So as you start off this New Year, look to making your priorities God first and let the other things come after that. I will lose weight this year, get healthy and exercise also, write that book I want too. But all of it will come after my Savior! He is the one who matters most.



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