Schools out for Summer!

I know I haven’t been on here in a while, I have been in school and now I am working 2 jobs! So I am finding it difficult to write my blogs! Please forgive me! So as the title of my latest blog states”Schools out for Summer!” But really for me it isn’t; as I am wanting to graduate next spring, I need to take a class this summer. If I can swing it I will be graduating with two degree’s next spring! One for restaurant management and the other in Culinary Art! Yay or crazy Debbie!
But lets get back to school being out for summer. At this time of the year do you find yourself not doing your normal routines? What I find is that most people decide that since it’s summer they can take the time off from church! Where do we find that in scripture? I know this may sound harsh but did Jesus take time off? No He didn’t! We have to realize the importance of church! It is not just a Sunday only relationship, it is a group of people that come together and worship and fellowship with one another. When we decide to “take time off”, we hurt the body. We are a family and when one is missing it doesn’t function the way the Lord intended. Summer time is just as relevant as any other time of year to be at church, why we don’t want to be together I do not understand. There are many people out in this world that has not heard the truth about Christ, and it is our duty and responsibility to share Him with everyone. Even during summer. Schools may be out but we as the body of Christ we are not! As always I love you and am eternally thankful for you support!


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