Are you holding the handles?

Hand Holding Handle Stock Photo - Image: 26722270

I heard this said once by a deacon at our church, then my husband used it in a sermon. It got me to thinking, have you ever been told to hand it over to God? I’m sure you have I have, so many times that I cannot  even count. Then this is  the question, do we really hand over our baggage? We may very well  be sincere and attempt to leave it but the reality is we hang on to the the handles. I have numerous times prayed and laid at the feet of Jesus  my burdens, then to get back up from there still hanging on to those handles. It seems that my faith cannot totally let God handle all of my burdens, including the smallest parts of it. Why do you think we do that? After all I am trusting an unseen God for my eternal life, where I’m going when I die, but I can’t trust Him to handle all my financial problems? or my marriage problems? or even the trouble with my kids? Wow that makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? No it doesn’t;  now before I get really down on me or you, I do realize that I am human, but hey what an excuse, We use this all the time. I have been a christian since I was 7, fully dedicated to Him who saved me since that biker guy and  I  got married. Lets look at this from the beginning of what I said, ‘my faith cannot totally trust God.’ Well lets get to the understanding, it is not my faith! The faith I claim I receive is from Him  the one who saved me.

Eph.2:8-9 scripturepics_image_170_20120319_1993914795 (2) 8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9 not by works, so that no one can boast.
So right there we see that even our faith comes from God, so then again I ask why do I hang on to those stinking handles? I think sometimes the reason we hang on to them is this is what we know.  When things in our lives get tough, we tend to go back to what we know, so we hang on to items from our past; I know for me it’s a safety mechanism. This is not a productive nor healthy mechanism, but to me it was safety.

But this is not the way God wants us to live in a constant state of fear of what if’s. He has taken me so far outside my comfort zone this last year, and in every instance He proves himself faithful, and generous.  1st Peter 5:7 says, Cast all your anxiety (burdens) on him because He cares for you, I have done more of this consciously the past couple of years,  and I can honestly say that I have come through with more freedom, then I have ever had in my life. I will say again, that I do slip back into my old habits, but He who loves me is faithful to to gently remind me of who He is and who I am in Him. So the next time your tempted to hang on to those handles remember this,  Gal 5:1 It is freedom that Christ has set us free. STAND FIRM,then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by the yoke of slavery. Can I get an Amen!! And do I hear the sound of handles hitting the floor!


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