Yoga Anyone?

          Yoga anyone?  Yes I know what I’m asking, but it’s not what I mean. I really thought I had what God wanted me to write about, and then He goes and changes what I’m writing. I’ll save the other one for another date.
So back to Yoga; have any of you done this perverse sense of exercise, that they say offers relaxation but in all actuality how anyone can relax while doing such things as downward dog I will never know!
But the reason why I said yoga anyone is this, what does yoga really offer? When you practice yoga (and it is a practice, have you seen these moves?) you get discipline, patience, strength, and most importantly FLEXIBILITY!


We had a meeting after church today where we planned out the calendar for the year, I kept saying as a joke, “let’s be flexible this year”. And really in a church and trying to plan an entire year, we need to be flexible.  Who can determine what is going to happen in October? Or how hot the weather will be in August to have a picnic?

But after I got home, that thought really started to get to me. In all reality we do need to be flexible. You got kids? Well things don’t always run smoothly, sometimes you need to adapt, be flexible, and go with the flow. It sure makes life a little easier. Now I know you can’t always be that easy going, like it’s time to eat or its time for bed, you know those things. But other things you can. Have you ever rushed to get out the door to end up sitting in traffic for over an hour? Do you get mad, lose your temper, and fret over it? I have, but then God in His mercy gives me a glimpse of why He made me wait and it’s always to my advantage. I’m not saying that because every time you sit in traffic that’s because God is saving you, but sometimes He is.

When we take the time to relax a little and be a little flexible about things, we let go of a lot of stress. If we can look at situations and ask ourselves is this really that important that it has go the way I planned, or can I change it? Maybe we will enjoy our lives more, our jobs, and our families. Take time to breathe, relax and enjoy yourself.

Remember the Marine unofficial motto “improvise, adapt and overcome”. To me that means “BE FLEXIBLE when you can. That’s my goal for this year , and maybe I’ll throw a little downward dog in the mix, who knows maybe I can become physically flexible also!


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