what makes you happy?

A few weeks ago I had the awesome privilege of teaching the preschool class at church. I only had one sweet little girl, but it was all worth it. We looked at 1st Samuel 16:14-23 ,  I asked her what makes her happy? What do you think a 5 year old would say? playing outside! Yep that’s what she said!! And mac an cheese! Oh how life is so simple at 5! I started to think what makes me happy?

I had had a rough week at work then, I still remember it even though it’s been a while, I thought everyone was cray cray. So when I got to go home, I took a long bathe soaking in some essential oils, put some music on and hubby brought me a soda, while he went and make dinner. (yep he’s prince charming).

It amazes me how something so simple can improve your mood.bath

David helped to heal Saul’s depression through music. Music has many healing properties, it can relax you, it helps to remind you of good things, it can evoke many emotions good or bad. God gave us music to be enjoyed, to love, laugh, and cry with. God gave us music to worship Him with.  The band Petra sand a song, ‘God gave rock n’roll to you”. I totally get that, and I so know that its not everyone’s favorite,(rock n’ roll that is) but that’s ok too. We are all made differently, and that’s why we are all wonderful creations.rock

The whole point of this blog here, was to notice what helped Saul in his depression. It ultimately was that he was separated from God, this is what caused his heart ache, and God gave him the music to soothe him.

God is our ultimate joy, He is the one that makes us feel better, He replaces the sorrow with joy, the tears with laughter, the sadness with happiness. He is the one that will never abandon,hurt, destroy, disappoint, or stop loving us. Our God through His precious son Jesus never will! So the next time your down, and you do something that makes you feel better, remember God provided that to you. Sit back and marvel at all He had done.

Stop and smell the roses, gaze at the beauty of a sunset, and the amazing smile of a newborn, and just think of Him!sunset

Love Dee




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