Welcome to Prim and Proper Magazine. Who are we and what do we do?

Well first off, we are not really prim and proper. It is our intention to showcase exceptional forms of the written art. We want cutting-edge poetry from new writers that are willing to push the boundaries of their art.

Now let’s make this clear: it must be tasteful with no vulgarity. To our editors that is not art, at least not what we wish to publish.

We are wanting to be a launching pad for new writers to help them succeed. Poetry, in its many forms, is almost a lost art these days. We want to introduce it to a new generation. The magazine will be presenting three new works of art weekly, and we have set criteria for the work to be published. It must not be cookie-cutter poetry. It can be free form or fixed. We will also consider haiku’s. We want the unexpected. If you are a new writer and wish to be considered for publication, please send your completed work to our email. I can assure you that it will be considered and looked at carefully. Please enjoy our newest members to this magazine.

What form of Prim and Proper will you be?

Now for our first poem, it’s a free form poem. It is by Emily Funk entitled, “Winter”.

“Winter” is so unique in the way Miss Funk presents this free form poem. The shape takes place almost to resemble a curved bush. It starts out speaking of winter then moves quickly to the warmer tones and then ends up cold again. She  uses a format of 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1.

Especially different! One would think it was a fixed form of poetry, but clearly other than rhythm, it is her own form. We the editors like the humorous tone of this poem. It makes us see all the seasons in a clearly unique fashion quickly drawing us to a snap ending, that says wow I want some cold grapes! Good Job Miss Funk! We look forward to  your upcoming works.

Our next work of art is a metaphor poem, by Travis Gillespie. It is entitled “The Nanscent Poet”

This new writer we are highlighting is a self-called, “stealth geek.” He enjoys Star Wars and online gaming. We chose his work of art for our magazine because of the odd use of his metaphor. He chose to use fishing and fish as his way of speaking about life, how he views life, and the understanding of knowledge. He uses the thoughts of an angler, a fishing instrument, to contempt life. Wow! Who would have thought an inanimate object could have such a deep thought of life. Way to think outside the box Mr.Gillespie. We are looking forward to more of your work. Readers, you really should also check out his poem, “Of Comics”, truly a great piece!

And finally, our final work that we are showcasing is Christina Johnson. Her piece is entitled “Mars Align with Jupiter”

Now as our original premise of our magazine, this poem fits perfectly. This poem is about war. Dark and solemn. But truth of what this reality is, Miss Johnson makes the poem appear as if it is an automatic weapon as it launches its bullets,”words.” This poem is not for the weak spirited. It takes guts to produce this kind of art. She shows her individualism in this piece, and it is definitely not a cookie cutter poem Well done!

As you can see, we showcased a variety of out of the box poems. It is our intention to open your reading pleasure to different forms and poets. Feedback is accepted in the form of a poem~

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