Welcome to my World!

This is me, I am Married mom of 5 and I have 5 grandkids!  My view of creative writing is to write from your heart! As I have learned, that there is  many  rules to poetry, I personally believe break the rules! Poetry is art,  I  wish to continue writing in this freedom. As for short stories, I like to take something that is familiar to me and expand on that. I want to make new stories come to life. I started this blog as a class project, but I have since decided to continue writing here. As you explore this page you will see some of my earlier work and my newest.I am just having fun and loving life! I hope you enjoy my work!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my World!

  1. Debra, I have really enjoyed follwing your writing throught the semester! Your work has come a long way! I like the theme of your blog, and I think it was popular! Your site was very easy to get around in, and I like that you added some of your own work “on top” of what we were assigned. I also like your “about” page where you introduce yourself. Very nice touch. The revisions that you made to your short story were needed, but really blew it out of the water for me. Overall you should be very proud of your work and progress you have made throught the semester! Best of luck to you! 🙂

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